We improve our service everyday but we are still far from being perfect.

Highly Nested Shapes

Even though our definition of Shape does not limit nesting (placing an object inside of an object), we currently place an artificial limit of only one nesting level on requests we process. This means you can create an object that holds other fields but not other objects. Limiting nesting helps our models better process your data and return more accurate results. We haven't found a use case where deep nesting is necessary, but please get in touch with us if you require it!

Perfect Correctness

Waveline Extract uses Large Language Models to produce accurate and dependable results. While we work hard to ensure excellence, it's worth mentioning that, like any AI, it isn't always perfect. We encourage you to try out our service with a range of examples and feel the excellent consistency of our output. On the off chance you spot any inconsistencies or incorrect results, don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your feedback immensely, as it helps us continually improve and fine-tune our service.

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